Proofreading Services

  • We will fully read your manuscript.

  • Search for spelling mistakes along with commonly swapped words (example: you're and your).

  • Checking for grammar and punctuation mistakes.

  • Checking for tense consistency.

  • Correcting dialog tags when needed.

  • 1 Round of edits will be returned as a marked-up Word Doc file.  You have final approval of all notes and changes.

  • Only $40.00 per 5,000 words.

Story Critique

  • We will read your entire manuscript.

  • Take notes of the strengths of the story as well as give feedback on areas that need to be stronger.

  • Suggestions on improving character development and story arcs.

  • Suggestions for added foreshaddowing and tone development.

  • Only $30.00 per 10,000 words.

Full Developmental Edit

  • For the first round, the editor will fully read your manuscript and send you feedback and a base critique.

  • For the second round, the editor will go through your manuscript and give notes on line wording and notes on specific sections for flow and development.

  • For the third round, the editor will proofread your manuscript.

  • Includes manuscript formatting for both eBook and Print. 

  • Only $125.00 per 5,000 words.

Contact us today to get a free sample edit to see if our editor is the right fit for you.

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Manuscript Formatting for eBook

  • Quick turnaround times. (3-5 business days.)

  • Formatted files guaranteed to pass validation.

  • Final files submitted as ePub and Mobi.

  • Only $125.00

Manuscript Formatting for Print

  • Quick turnaround times. (3-5 business days.)

  • Chapter Titles match your Front Cover Fonts.

  • Formatted files guaranteed to pass validation.

  • Final file delivered as a Print Standard PDF.

  • Only $125.00

Manuscript Formatting - eBook and Print Deal

Buy our eBook and Print Formatting packages together for $200 and save $50.

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