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Manuscript Formatting

People often overlook the importance of having the formatting of the book look just as good as the front cover.  Good formatting creates a seamless experience for the reader and makes the whole book have that professionally published look and feel to it. 

When we format a manuscript we keep the reader's experience in mind. For print books, the chapter headings will match your book cover fonts because the magic really is in the details. Our formatted eBooks work seamlessly on any eReader and always pass validation.  Final files are delivered in Press Ready PDF, ePub, and Mobi file formats. 


Story Critique

As creatives ourselves, we know the importance of feedback and a constructive critique. Sometimes we need someone to tell us what is working and where we need a little more pizazz.

We are avid readers and book lovers in our free time, so of course we would be happy to read through your manuscript and give you notes to not only to help your story be stronger but to encourage you in what you are doing well.

Suggestions on improving character development and story arcs, adding foreshaddowing and suspense, developing your voice and the tone of the book are all part of the process. 

$40.00 per 10,000 Words


Washington's Dragon Hunter
Celtic Dragon
Persuasive Copy
Satan's Gambit
Formattin Examples
Contact us to get started on your book's formatting.
Vendel Rising by L. A. Warren
El Cajon
The Lady and the Rake
Celtic Dragon
Creative Writing
White Lie
Shrouded in Blackness
I am Free
Whispers of Liberty
Heart of Steel
The Stepfather
A Royal Disposition
Tall Poppy Syndrome
The Immortal Seeds
Hell Holes Book 3
The Reluctant Observer
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