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All of our cover design packages include Hi-Res JPG files for the eBook cover and a Paperback cover file delivered as a Print Standard PDF/x. Additional file formats can be delivered upon request with no additional fees.

Carte Blanche Book Cover
Design Package

We absolutely love what we do and our favorite projects to work on are the ones where we're allowed to just let our creativity run wild. 

With this package you'll give us full creative control. We'll have a detailed conversation with you about your book, what you like and what you don't, and gather up as much information as we can and present you with our vision of the perfect cover for your book.

Not to brag, but we've never had a client who was dissatisfied with the results. But just in case, if you're not feeling the cover, we will be more than happy to work with you until you're just as excited about your cover as we are.


Creative Book Cover
Design Package

This is our standard, go-to package for authors who are looking for a collabortive process with their book cover designer. 

We start by collecting as much information about your book and your audience as we can. We'll go over different ideas and concepts that we can explore and even put together a few initial designs to look through and discuss. 

We know how important a good book cover design is and we want your book to shine on the shelf and in the book store. That's why we include unlimited revisions on this package. 


Premade Book Cover
Design Options

Sometimes we have a design idea that gets abandoned in the collaboration process, but we just love the idea too much to let it go to waste. In those cases we finish the design between projects and add it to our collection of premade cover designs. 

Premade covers include updating the files to the correct size and adding your text. Minor alterations like color changes or font changes are included at no additional fee. Have some bigger changes you want to make? Let us know and we can work that in too.


Dust Jacket Cover Upgrade

If you're looking to get extra fancy with your book debut, we can design your cover to include a dust jacket. Who doesn't love a beautiful hardcover book sitting on their shelf?

This upgrade is available for any of our book cover packages. 


Animated Cover Design

When you're marketing your book online, videos and reels are the best way to catch the eye of your audience and readers. We can take your ccover design and animate it to make it really shine and stand out in the sea of images online.


Audiobook Cover Upgrade

Adding an audiobook option for your book is a great way to be inclusive and reach a whole new market in your audience. Audiobooks have been increasingly popular as the medium has become friendlier to indie publishers and self publishing authors. 

We can adapt your book cover to fit Audible's requirements and also not lose any of the design to any ribbons that the platform adds.

This upgrade is available for any of our book cover packages. 


Marketing Images Package

One of the biggest challenges to selling your book is marketing it on social media. With this package we will take a lot of the hardwork off your plate for you. 

Included in this package will be at least three book cover mockups, a bookmark design, a Facebook banner for your author page, and at least three teaser designs made for sharing on Instagram and Facebook.



Vendel Rising by L. A. Warren
El Cajon
The Lady and the Rake
Celtic Dragon
Creative Writing
White Lie
Shrouded in Blackness
I am Free
Whispers of Liberty
Heart of Steel
The Stepfather
A Royal Disposition
Tall Poppy Syndrome
The Immortal Seeds
Hell Holes Book 3
The Reluctant Observer
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