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S. W. Capps

"Sometimes you CAN judge a book by its cover.  And I couldn't be happier with the design work provided by Creative Digital Studios for my latest novel, Runaway Train.  Not only did they provide great artwork,  they listened to my input. I can't recommend them enough!"

-S. W. Capps, Author of Runaway Train

Courtney Davis

"Her covers are great! Perfectly portraying my vision for the books. I'm very happy to be having her design for my Fawn Malero Mysteries series." 

-Courtney Davis, author of the Fawn Malero Mysteries

Brielle Skye

"I worked with Ellie on my book cover as well, and she's truly amazing. I was probably the most complicated, nit-picky client EVER (seriously, for every one email she sent, I sent three or four back with more requests) but she was so patient with me. She designed me a beautiful cover, and gave me exactly what I was looking for, down to the very last detail. I'll definitely be using her again for the sequel, and I recommend anyone looking for a amazing, patient, competent cover designer use her as well!"


-Brielle Skye, author of Solitude of a Birdcage

Eileen Donovan

"Ellie did a wonderful job creating the perfect cover for my historical novel, The Campbell Sisters, releasing on March 7, Thanks Ellile. I feel like you captured the essence of each sister."

-Eileen Donovan, author of The Campbell Sisters

Jonathon Reeves

Creative Digital Studios is fantastic. They are fast and professional and produce high quality work. Ellie did my cover design and I am thrilled with the final product.  She asked enough questions to know where I wanted to go with it, then produced many different version for me to choose from, also delivering each version quickly.  I couldn’t be happier with the end product from Creative Digital Studios and will be using their services again in the future.


-Jonathon Reeves, author of Paradox Found

NJ Karlsson

"I cannot recommend Ellie Augsburger at Creative Digital Studios enough! She produced amazing work for my debut novel. I am NOT an artistic all. Ellie took my bumbling rambling (frankly poor) ideas and translated them into beautiful representative images of my work. I would have been lost without her! If you are looking for a creative, inspiring, helpful, knowledgeable, FANTASTIC designer look no further than Ellie Augsburger at Creative Digital Studios."


-Norma Jeanne Karlsson, author of Blackness Takes Over

Felicia Watson

"Ellie designed the cover of my book, "The Risks of Dead Reckoning" and I love it - but even more note-worthy, it was mentioned by many reviewers as being a huge draw. I definitely heard a lot of kudos for that cover."

-Felicia Watson, author of The Risks of Dead Reckoning

Henry Glickel

"Thank you for your work on the cover of my book. 'The Power of Proactive Recruiting'. From the first communication with you (email) to the phone calls and emails, you were a true profesional and expert in the book cover area. I was happy with your service and elated with the amount of time and speeed at which you completed the project. I would recommend you to others who are seeking a book cover professional."


- Henry Glickel, author of The Power of Proactive Recruiting

Vince Lowry

"I worked with [Creative Digital Studios] this month to complete the cover of my third novel, Surfing the Seconds. Their creative skills are the best I've ever seen. They are extremely professional, offering support at every step in the design process, and the books they touch come out looking unique and beautiful. "

-Vincent Lowry, author of Surfing the Seconds

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